President’s Message

President’s Message
TWU Local 290

President’s Report to Members of TWU Local 290
July 31, 2019

Memorandum of Understanding

On July 16, 2019, Fred Hoffman, Melody Allen, George Booker, and I met with Sue Sanderson, Human Resource Manager, regarding updating the Memorandum of Understanding between TWU Local 290 and the Authority.  The current MOU has been in effect for almost 20 years and policies regarding picking rights and work rules rights need to be changed.

The union wants the upgrading of maintenance as well as transportation managers picking rights.  As you know, right now the bus maintenance shop foremen are not allowed to have pickings according to their district seniority at this level.  We want to have clarity in the wording that would allow maintenance manager and back shop managers the opportunity to pick their work schedules and time as per their district seniority.  We also want to make sure the terminology is clear for the surface transportation, district dispatch, control center, CCT, hi-speed, station, and revenue managers have a precise understanding of their picking rights.  We are also fighting to get the district dispatchers the right to pick twice a year instead of just once a year.  Most of the MOU has to do with policy issues that could not be changed in just one meeting with the Authority.  We plan to have another meeting with the Authority on some of these issues, but first we will have to meet with SEPTA’s policy committee.  We will keep you informed about how we are proceeding in this process which will take some time.

Pay Parity for Managers

Representatives of TWU Local 290 met with Scott Sauer, Assistant General Manager, on
May 11, 2018 to discuss a grade increase from 37 to a grade 38 with the appropriate pay increase for Managers.  Grade 40 personnel have been upgraded to 41 with the appropriate pay increase.  Mr. Sauer said that he would look into it.  We have sent several letters to him since that time and provided him with the information he requested.  We have yet to hear back.  The latest letter was sent on July 10, 2019.  We will inform you if and when we get a response.

Fraternally yours,

Craig V. Holmes