President’s Message

President’s Message
TWU Local 290

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On Friday, April 17 I had a teleconference with General Manager Leslie Richards, Assistant General Manager Scott Sauer, Assistant General Manager Stephanie Geiger, Chief Labor Relations Manager, Chad Cuneo, and Labor Relations Manager Sue Sanderson.  This meeting was in follow up to the meeting that took place two weeks ago in reference to the response to the corona virus situation by the Authority.  I raised the concerns that our rank and file has been bringing to the attention of the union.   Two hours prior to this meeting, the General Manager sent out a memo stating the Authority will be rescinding the 10% pay cut for grades 40 and above.  That was one of my main concerns and my first question to them was if this pay cut was going to trickle down to grades 35-38.  Ms. Richards stated to me that at this time there would be no cuts in pay nor layoffs.  She also stated that this situation with the corona virus is fluid and there is no guarantee that any options wouldn’t be revisited at a later date.

A major concern in the Revenue Department is that when one of the directors was informed of a sick revenue attendant, he did nothing to isolate this attendant from his co-workers.  This revenue attendant tested positive for the corona virus which then forced the union to request that 10 revenue workers be quarantined.  The union stressed to the General Manager how important it is to safeguard employees and to react immediately when situations like this arise.  The General Manager assured me that this situation will be addressed.  We want personnel to be immediately informed when an employee tests positive for COVID-19 so that all personnel who are in contact with this person can be notified immediately and quarantined.

We discussed the lack of protective equipment for our members such as gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, etc.  Their response was that any location lacking PPE should contact the Director.

We requested that more attention be paid to high traffic areas such as the loops, the restrooms at the loops, and all places that are frequented by the managers and operators and that they be cleaned and sanitized more frequently.  I pointed out specific locations that have had complaints where restrooms are not only not cleaned but dirty.

I addressed the fact that in the town meeting held by Authority upper management, transportation managers were not mentioned or thanked for their service as frontline employees.   A lot of different departments were mentioned, but not transportation managers.  I brought to their attention that transportation managers are not just street supervisors, they are district dispatchers, hi-speed managers, station managers, etc.  We are all on the front lines.  Ms. Richards apologized and said it was an oversight and would not happen again.

We want you to know that your union is here and fighting for issues that concern you.  You can contact us by email or by phone – please leave a message as we check for messages regularly – if you have any questions or concerns.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Fraternally yours,

Craig V. Holmes