Local 290 Events Committee

We would like to welcome Local 290’s new Events Committee:  Harvey Talley, Ericka Deeds, Denise White, Tony Mobley, Marquita Walker, Nadine Duncan, and Veronica Jerry.

They will be planning a holiday party and other events for our members.  Please check the website for information on upcoming events.

Contact Information Update Request

If you have changed your address over the past year, please notify our office at transport.local290@verizon.net. We are getting ready to mail out the daily planners and we want to be sure you get yours.

It would also be helpful if you send in your personal email address.  We want to be able to communicate with our members efficiently.

Thank you.

TWU Local 290

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Executive Board of TWU Local 290 would like to wish you and your families a healthy and safe holiday season.  We as a Union have grown tremendously this year, in numbers and strength.  The Local has tried to bring our members closer together by upgrading our communications and accessibility to your representatives. 

We recently held a successful mass meeting at which our members had the opportunity to ask questions, to present ideas, and hear concerns from other departments on how to make our union thrive.  The Executive Board wants to continue moving forward in 2018, but we need all our members to pull together as one. 

We would also, during this holiday season, like to remember our brothers and sisters who are no longer with us and who are missed.

There will be many challenging times throughout the upcoming year, but if we stay strong, stay united, and support each other our union will make it through together. 

Fraternally yours,

The Executive Board of TWU Local 290

In the front row, left to right:
Winfred C. Hoffman, Vice President
George Booker, Executive Board
Melody Rawls Allen, Vice President
Michael J. Pearson, Executive Board
David Folger, Recording Secretary

Back row, left to right:
Michael Keyes, Treasurer
Craig V. Holmes, President