Local 290 History

About Us
The Transport Workers Union Local 290 was organized in November 1972.  Local 290 represents first level managers at Septa. The membership includes Surface Transportation Managers, High Speed Transportation Managers, Station Managers, District Dispatchers, Control Center Dispatchers, Maintenance Managers, Para-Transit Dispatchers, Revenue Attendants, Instructors and an assortment of Office personnel.  Local 290 is an industrial union dedicated to the promise that an organization built on trust and equality for all workers cannot be denied. Our motto is "We make the SYSTEM WORK."

TWU Local 290 is affiliated with the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).

Our founding Officers:
John J. Showers, Louis Griffith, Stephen Connahey, Austin Roberts, Fred Hough, Robert Rhoades