Nomination Results

There was a nomination meeting for officers of the Executive Board of TWU Local 290 held on Sunday, November 22, 2020.  The nominees were:


Office                           Nominee                  Nominated by:           Seconded by:


President                     Michael Keyes         Craig Holmes              James Kolb


1st Vice President       John Plummer          Deron Miller                April Taylor

                                    Melody Allen            James Kolb                 George Booker


2nd Vice President      Harvey Talley           Melody Allen               Veronica Jerry


Treasurer                     Veronica Jerry         Marcus Jones              Melody Allen


Recording Secretary    Ericka Deeds           Melody Allen               John Plummer


Executive Board          John Plummer          Marcus Jones             Craig Holmes


Executive Board          John Johnson, Jr.     Mike Keyes                 Craig Holmes



John Plummer turned down the nomination for 1st Vice President and accepted the nomination for a position on the Executive Board.  All other nominees were unopposed.  They will be sworn in by Willie Brown, Vice President of the International on Thursday, December 3, 2020.


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