TWU Local 290 Bookbag Event

On Thursday, August 9th TWU Local 290 donated 217 bookbags filled with school supplies to the students of West Philadelphia Achievement Charter School located at 6701 Callowhill Street.  We provided snacks for the event.  As can be seen in the photos taken that day, the kids were happy, and we were pleased to be able to give back to our community.

Our Vice President, Melody Allen, did the heavy lifting by purchasing the bookbags and supplies and getting them ready, and she was assisted at the event by our President, Craig Holmes, and Executive Board members George Booker and Mike Pearson.

The students and the school administration were very appreciative of our efforts to help launch the new school year.



Report to members on June 23 2018 Mass Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 12:25 PM starting with the pledge of allegiance followed by a moment of silence in honor of our members who are no longer with us:  Paula Stone, CCT and Sandra Miles, Surface Transportation.


Presidents’ Council Conference in Boston

May 21, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

International Transport Workers of America, AFL-CIO held a Presidents’ Council Conference in Boston May 16 through May 19, 2018. Local 290 was represented by myself, Craig Holmes, President, and our First Vice President, Fred Hoffman.

Presidents of Locals from all over the United States as well as the Executive Council Committee of the International were in attendance. This was one of the most informative meetings I have ever attended. We heard reports on the Janus Bill and how this Bill is trying to destroy labor as we know it. Some of the classes and workshops we attended:

1. How to hold an effective union meeting.
2. A report from the veterans committee and on HR 506 Bill.
3. The changes in drug and alcohol testing and previously prohibited drugs that are now allowed.
4. A report on the Human and Civil Rights Committee.
5. A report on the Women’s Council Committee
6. All local unions were given the opportunity to report on the state of their respective locals and their currently pressing issues, i.e. contract talks.
7. A public speaking class for engaging with our membership.
8. A workshop on handling grievances.

These are just some of the classes and workshops that were held. The International made it clear that under our new International President, John Samuelson, they are willing and able to assist the locals on any issue that should arise. Fred and I were able to talk to other presidents and see that we all share in some of the same problems.

A full report will be given at the June 23rd mass meeting. Please visit our website.

Fraternally yours,

Craig and Fred

Meeting with Assistant General Manager Scott Sauer

Friday, May 11, 2018

On Friday, May 11, 2018, your Local 290 officers Craig Holmes, President, Fred Hoffman,
Vice President, and Melody Rawls Allen, Vice President met with Assistant General Manager, Scott Sauer. We had a productive meeting on various issues concerning Surface, District, Station, and Hi-Speed Managers, and CCT Managers. These issues included:

1. Need for more training for new Managers.
2. Low morale in the Supervisors’ Departments.
3. Communications with Managers and their Chiefs.
4. CCT cell phone policy on the 19th floor at 1234 Market Street.
5. Emphasis on great customer service.
6. Allowing different managers the opportunity to do special projects and not just affording these opportunities to the same managers all of the time,
7. Pay and grade parity among Surface, Control Center, Hi-Speed, Station, CCT, and District Dispatchers.

Assistant General Manager Sauer expressed to us that he would like managers to get more involved with special events by volunteering and letting their directors know that they want to be involved in special projects and to make themselves available when called upon. The union made suggestions to Mr. Sauer such as lengthening the peer mentoring period for new operators due to the large amount of new operators’ accidents and incidents, as well as tapping into the knowledge of senior managers to help train new managers before they retire. We will be updating you on the pay parity issue when further information is available. For more
information please visit your website

Fraternally yours,

Craig V. Holmes

TWU Local 290

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Executive Board of TWU Local 290 would like to wish you and your families a healthy and safe holiday season.  We as a Union have grown tremendously this year, in numbers and strength.  The Local has tried to bring our members closer together by upgrading our communications and accessibility to your representatives. 

We recently held a successful mass meeting at which our members had the opportunity to ask questions, to present ideas, and hear concerns from other departments on how to make our union thrive.  The Executive Board wants to continue moving forward in 2018, but we need all our members to pull together as one. 

We would also, during this holiday season, like to remember our brothers and sisters who are no longer with us and who are missed.

There will be many challenging times throughout the upcoming year, but if we stay strong, stay united, and support each other our union will make it through together. 

Fraternally yours,

The Executive Board of TWU Local 290

In the front row, left to right:
Winfred C. Hoffman, Vice President
George Booker, Executive Board
Melody Rawls Allen, Vice President
Michael J. Pearson, Executive Board
David Folger, Recording Secretary

Back row, left to right:
Michael Keyes, Treasurer
Craig V. Holmes, President