Communication is vital.  We want to be able to keep in touch with our members.  If you move, change your email address, or have not yet given us your personal email address, please provide us with that information by phone (215-543-9800) or email (  We do not receive any information from SEPTA regarding your personal information.

If you get promoted or change positions within the company, please notify SEPTA payroll if you are no longer eligible for membership in Local 290 and request that they no longer deduct dues from your check, and let us know as well.  We are not informed  by SEPTA regarding promotions, etc. and we cannot request changes to anyone’s check.  When you joined the union you signed a form which we in turn send to payroll.  Requests for any changes must come from you.

Memorandum of Understanding between TWU Local 290 and SEPTA

(Standing left to right – Mike Liberi, SEPTA Chief Officer, Transportation; Joe Brennan, SEPTA Chief Officer, Maintenance Operations; Chad Cuneo, SEPTA Director, Labor Relations; Sue Sanderson, SEPTA Labor Relations Manager; George Booker, Recording Secretary, TWU Local 290 – seated left to right – Craig Holmes, President, TWU Local 290; Melody Allen, Vice President, TWU Local 290)

On December 18, 2019 an updated Memorandum of Understanding between TWU Local 290 and SEPTA was agreed to and signed.  The Memorandum of Understanding is mainly comprised of SEPTA policy, but we were able to negotiate picking rights for bus maintenance managers.

Local 290 is always fighting for its members.  The new MOU is being printed and will be sent out to our members.

Local 290 Events Committee

We would like to welcome Local 290’s new Events Committee:  Harvey Talley, Ericka Deeds, Denise White, Tony Mobley, Marquita Walker, Nadine Duncan, and Veronica Jerry.

They will be planning a holiday party and other events for our members.  Please check the website for information on upcoming events.

Contact Information Update Request

If you have changed your address over the past year, please notify our office at We are getting ready to mail out the daily planners and we want to be sure you get yours.

It would also be helpful if you send in your personal email address.  We want to be able to communicate with our members efficiently.

Thank you.